When you’re looking for new countertops, you might consider putting in one made of marble. But if you ask most contractors about them, they often will say it’s going to depend on where you are putting it. Most people agree that they’re good for offices, bathrooms, around a fireplace, and similar locations that won’t get a lot of use. But it’s not recommended that you use one in your kitchen.

We’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of a marble countertop and then see why they’re not recommended for use in your kitchen.

Pros of Marble Countertop

They are beautiful

The main reason why marble is one of the most sought after and wished for when it comes to a countertop is the gorgeous beauty it offers. There are a lot of different colors that a marble countertop can come in and this includes solid black, solid white, and lots of colors such as green, grey, rose, yellow, and others. The slabs of marble are also different so your countertop is always going to be different than anyone else’s.

They Can Take Heat

Marble’s heat resistant. When you use it in your kitchen, it will stand up very well to pots and pans that are hot. In your bathroom, it won’t be hurt by your styling tools unless you leave it there for a long time. It’s also popular for using for a fireplace surround since it’s not going to turn yellow because of the heat and it will be able to withstand a spark once in a while when it lands on it.

Cons of Marble Countertop

There’s two main reasons that you shouldn’t use a marble countertop when you’re in the kitchen. These reasons are serious enough that a lot of manufacturers of marble countertops won’t give you a warranty for the countertop if you put it in the kitchen.

They’re Porous

Marble is a lot more porous when compared with granite, so it’s going to absorb liquid a lot faster. This means if you spill oil, juice, wine, or other types of liquids, they’ll penetrate much deeper into the marble very quickly. They are also very hard and sometimes impossible to remove the stain. When you are using a marble countertop in your bathroom, make sure you’re careful when you use liquid makeup remover, makeup, or nail polish since it can stain your countertop. The natural beauty of marble will often overshadow people’s good sense when it comes to this. The good news is that you can use a sealer so that you can protect your countertop on your own or have someone professional do it.

You should seal your marble countertop when you have it installed and then done every several years. If it’s not done the right way or you wait too long to do it, it’s going to become stained eventually. Even though there aren’t any products that are sold that give you panacea, there are options you have with commercial cleaners for marble.

They’re Not Sturdy

Another problem with a marble countertop in your kitchen is that it won’t be very sturdy. Very sharp knives can scratch its surface and heavy mugs or pots may chip it, or a corner could even be broken off.

These are the main reasons that there are manufactures who won’t warranty a marble countertop if you’re putting it in your kitchen, and a lot of installers won’t even put them in. There are numerous complaints because the countertop stains scratches, chips, and cracks.

As you can see, even though marble countertops are beautiful and can take the heat, they’re not really the best option when you want to get a new countertop for your kitchen. They’re too easily damaged and they can stain easily. So it’s best to choose a different countertop for your kitchen and leave the marble countertops in places like your bathroom.

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