If you are remodeling your kitchen, you are going to sink a lot of money into it. Therefore, you want to make sure that you are avoiding many mistakes so that you don’t lose the money that you have put into it. Below are seven common kitchen remodel mistakes.

1. Not Remembering Functionality

You need to remember functionality when it comes to designing your kitchen. Remember your kitchen triangle. This triangle is the kitchen’s busiest areas which includes your refrigerator, stove and sink. It’s important that these three key appliances have been efficiently located and they’re relevant to each other and they’re not floating into space.

2. Having Too Little Counter Space

When you don’t plan to have ample counter space, you are going to run into problems. If you have to cut costs or you think you aren’t going to need it, chances are you are going to regret it. Nice counters are going to be costly. However, you will find that your money is well spent. Having the space that you need for cooking, entertaining, and placing your food after a shopping trip are just a few reasons why you want to have the counter space you need. It’s not going to be easy to add on or change your counters, so you want to do it when you can before the remodel.

3. Doing it Yourself

It’s possible that you are watching a lot of DIY and remodeling shows on television but it doesn’t mean that you are able to do it on your own. You need expertise and skills for designing and building a kitchen. Unless you are a professional in the industry, you should get professional help to do it.

Get some estimates from more than one professional in kitchen remodeling and have a consultation with an expert in kitchen design. You may find that the schedule’s interrupted a bit, but this is going to be time that is well spent. You are going to be less stressed while you’re having your kitchen remodeled, and there will be fewer regrets when you are looking at your new kitchen.

4. Not Planning Your Budget

You should have a budget and make sure that you are documenting and planning the budget before you even go into the store or talk to a professional. Knowing exactly what you’re able to afford as well as sticking with the calculated numbers can be hard, but it’s very smart and important to do. If you don’t do this, you may find that there’s horrible snowball effect and you may discover you’ve gone way over your budget.

5. Not Thinking About the Future

Personal preferences and trends often will influence the way that we make decisions based on what is hot presently. It’s a good idea to think about the future when you are designing and don’t allow yourself to be swayed based on what is trendy right now.

A lot of times a homeowner will forget that you’re upgrading when you are designing your kitchen. You’re also making an investment in your house and it’s necessary that you are keeping up with current times in case you have to or want to sell your house in the future.

Oftentimes, homeowners forget to keep in mind that designing a new kitchen is an upgrade. It’s an investment and necessary to keep up with the times so that you can sell your house one day, and hopefully, make some or all of your money back.

6. Choosing Your Appliances Last

The appliances won’t necessarily make your kitchen. However, they’re among the most essential parts of the space. They’re a very important part of your design since they have to fit in with your lifestyle and family as well as look nice.

You might think that you should choose the appliances at the end. But it’s important that you are doing it first. According to experts, it will be easier to select countertops and cabinets to fit your appliances.

7. Being Skimpy With Your Storage

If you own your home, chances are that you have a lot of things in your home. When you have had a home for a long time, you are going to acquire a lot of stuff. When you skimp on the small storage features and add-ons, you’ll find the one that’s a huge mistake that you may regret in the future.

Fake cabinet fronts used to be big, but not anymore. You want to use all of the storage that you have so you can keep your items organized and handy. Things like Lazy Susans and pullout drawers are a great choice to help you with giving you as much space as possible.

These are seven mistakes that you want to avoid when you are remodeling your kitchen. Avoiding these mistakes will help you with saving money, making your home be more attractive and most of all help your kitchen be the kitchen you want it to be.

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