One of the most important spaces in the home is the closet. They have a lot of things to do – they store your clothes and they hold extras such as accessories and shoes. Closets that are smaller are often frustrating since they aren’t going to give ample room for the things that you want to put in them.

Whether you have a small closet in the hallway or in the bedroom, there are a few ideas that you can use to save space and maximize the room available.

Here is a few ideas that you can use when you have a tiny closet to help with optimizing the amount of space that you have and ensuring that you’re not going to have to stuff everything in a small space and have it get wrinkled.

Vertically Stack Your Hangers

If you are low on horizontal space, using vertical space is essential. The way that you are hanging your clothes as well as the tools you’re using can be a big help. Instead of just lining the closet’s bar with the hangers, you can also hang them vertically. This can be done in a few ways, like:

  • Purchase hangers with vertical rungs. There are pant and shirt varieties of these.
  • Use some standard hangers, then connect them with tabs from soda cans. Place one hook in one of the holes and then another hook in another hole.
  • Hang some chains on the bar and then hook the hangers in each of the links.

Warning: Even though hooking the hangers vertically will help with adding space, you’re still going to bulk the closet horizontally since you’re resting the clothing alongside one another. You’re simply staggering each garment’s top.

Put a Second Bar In

Adding to the above idea of storing things vertically, you can always put another hanger bar in the closet. This way you’re going to have a couple of places that you can hang clothing. You can put the shirts up top and your pants on the bottom, or you can use any type of arrangement that’s going to work best.

It doesn’t have to be expensive to do either. The tools that you need for securing a rod and a dowel can be purchased at most stores. You can also purchase one of the tension rods that use springs for pushing its ends outwards.

If you go with the tension rod, don’t use it for hanging heavy items. The reason is because there may not be enough pressure for holding heavy items. Choose the tension rod for hanging lighter fabrics instead.

Install Some Shelves

If the small closet is one that one that you’re using for holding goods such as boxes, you want to add some shelves. These shelves can be installed by drilling some blocks into the shelves’ sides and then laying those shelves over your boards before drilling them in.

You can also purchase brackets and a shelf. No matter what you choose, make sure you’re installing the shelves correctly. This will help make sure that they’ll be able to hold the belongings securely no matter what they are.

Stay Organized

If your closet is messy, it’s going to be crowded. So you want to make sure that you are staying organized so that you are getting the most out of the closet space. A good example is getting a shoe rack rather than piling them on your closet’s floor. Fabric boxes are a good choice for holding hats or scarves. Solutions for small closets do not have to be hard for you to assemble. You simply need the correct kinds of tools.

Make Sure You’re Using Odd Spaces

Things like the back of the closet door and beneath your bed are two good places to start. These kinds of areas might not be things that you think of immediately, but they can be very useful. You can hang more rods or a shoe caddy that’s made to go over your door on the door. You can put clothing that is season specific into a container under the bed. When you use these odd spaces, it will free up some room in a tiny closet.

Use Hooks

If you have some room in the closet to put a hook, this is a great way that you can use that space. You’re able to put the hooks over your door, inside your closet, or on your wall. These are all great ways that you can save some room in your closet and make the most of what you have.

These are the ways that you can use even tiny closet spaces and make the most of them. Once you have use some of these tips, chances are that you will realize you have even more space than you realized.

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